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Read Write Register Key By C Sharp

Registry is a database used to store information about the change, the settings from Windows users. Registry includes all the information about hardware, software, users. Registry is updated when users conduct a change in the composition of the Control Panel, File Associations, and some changes in the Options menu of some applications,

Registry là một cơ sở dữ liệu dùng để lưu trữ thông tin về những sự thay
đổi, những lựa chọn, những thiết lập từ người sử dụng Windows. Registry
bao gồm tất cả các thông tin về phần cứng, phần mềm, người sử dụng.
Registry luôn được cập nhật khi người sử dụng tiến hành sự thay đổi
trong các thành phần của Control Panel, File Associations, và một số
thay đổi trong menu Options của một số ứng dụng,…

You can download all info from here

1. What’s Registry:

2. Location of Registry:

3. How to run registry

4. Registry structure.

5. Data Types:

6. Conclude:

you can use registry to save your product information, that’s useful when you understand registry structure.
So this topic is showing how to read / write registry key, value to windows by C# for

Follow my instructions you can do it easy.

You can download my code from here

This is your registry key, value

* wjxtool – index

* Author – key

* Value – vilh

I read and save author key and vilh value

Code Write regedit key same here

Code read Regedit key same here

or you can download my code here

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Track Insert Update Delete on table – SQL Server

You want to track insert, update, delete on a table. you can using TRIGGER in SQL Server

Follow my instructions you can easy to do it.

First you need create one table for stored information, I create one Table with fields: ID (int), TableName (varchar-100), Activity (varchar-20). Date_Time (datetime – get current time)

– ID: primary key

– TableName: what’s table will be audit

– Activity: Insert / update / delete

– Data_Time: stored current time when one action active to this table

Track Insert Update Delete on table

Next, create one trigger with structure


CREATE TRIGGER trigger_name

ON table_name

AFTER [Update] , [Insert], [Delete]





inserted is a template table when user insert any row to the table, will be store it

deleted is a template table when user delete any row to the table, will be store it

view more: please visit

Download my code from here

Have a nice day!


Using cheat engine to cheat game offline TSUBASA 3

When you are playing game, some screen make you tired and bored, so you want to cheat it let you can play new screen with more fun and happy. So you need to cheat it, but you don’t know how to cheat. Don’t worry, this topic is for you 🙂

I’ll show you using Cheat Engine and C++ write simple program cheat all game offline. This topic is focus TSUBASA – This is my favorites game in my childhood ^.^. Follow my instructions, you can cheat all game offline.

This is main screen Tsubasa, the main of this game is power of players. Here Tsubasa have HP = 802, same the picture

Using Cheat Engine cheat Game Offline TSubasa

Open your cheat engine, choosing the process. Here I’m playing Tsubasa with Snes9x emulator, so I must choose snes9x process from “select the process to open”

Using Cheat Engine cheat Game Offline TSubasa

Next input 802 into the textbox, choose Extract Value, Value Type = All -> choose New Scan, you will see the list many address on the left panel.

Using Cheat Engine cheat Game Offline TSubasa

Next change the number HP of player Tsubasa, now we see HP value is 410

Input value 410 to textbox and choose Next Scan, you will see list address in the left panel, this turn the value is less than much compare before.

view more guide from

Good luck!

Use outlook and Excel to send mail to many customer in the same time

Use Outlook and Excel to send mail to many customer in the same time 

You want to send email to your customers (customer in list) and attached file, You can do it with many way, you can using C#, PHP, java, or HTML programing write a program or script (.bat file) to do it. But that not a good idea, because in Excel you can using Macro to do it.

Very easy, follow my instructions, you can easy to do it

Step 1: You need prepare some docs
1. letter.htm -> write your content of mail

2. signature.htm -> write your content of signature

How to write htm file => Open MS word to write content of the letter, save as .htm extension

Step 2: 
Create Customer list in MS Excel.
Fill you customers’ information in Excel, Column A is customers’ name, column B is their email address

Adjust code in Module1.bas
Open Customer list and insert code of Module1: You have two way to open it:
1. Using Developer tab => Visual basic -> File -> Import -> Module1.bas
2. Press Alt + F11 -> File -> Import -> Module1.bas

(or you can create new macro by choose macro by right click into picture -> Assign macro -> New -> copy all code from Module1.bas and paste into file!)

Note: if you don’t see Developer tab, you can enable it

Step 3:

Modified below content with your file

I put All file into  D:\learn_tech_tips path.

When you click on “Click here” or click run on bas file, you can auto send mail by Outlook and Excel 🙂

Hope this tips will be helpful for you
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[Excel Tips] Highlight Data in Excel (Conditional Formatting, changes color depending on the time to open file)

You have many data and want to easy view and change color depend day of your open file, This tips will be for you
The tips description change color datetime depending you open your file, if you Input the datetime smaller day today, then turn green, and enter the datetime is greater than it turns red.

See here

Step 1:

Choose the columns which you want to highligh, here I choose F columns (see the picture), and then choose Conditions Formatting and choose Manager Rules

View more tips: please visit:

Step 2:
Choose “New Rule” -> set the value less than

Choose “Format only cells that contain“, On Format only cells with:
– cell value: cell value want to highlight
– less than: less than the value want to be compare
– = NOW(): (formular set current time)
– Change your color … (green)
Choose ok

Choose “New Rules” again -> set the value greater than

Choose “Format only cells that contain“, On Format only cells with:

– cell value: cell value want to highlight
– greater than or equal to: greater than or equal to value want to be compare
– = NOW(): (formular set current time)
– Change your color … (red)
Choose ok

If you choose here, you will see the columns you choose have contains almost green color, because the cells don’t input will be default is less than curent time (see my video you will be clearly)

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Step 3: 

Choose Blanks Rules for remove almost green cells in the sheet, check “Stop If True” and press ok

Have the tips is helpful for you!

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Photoshop Tips – Four Steps Create Text With Any Backgroud

Today I’ll show you how to create text with any background image
Here is my Text with background demo

Step 1: Open your background file by Choose: File -> Open

Step 2: Input your text by choose Horizontal Type Tool (T)
Here is i input “Happy Birthday”

Step 3: Move the layer 0 (layer contains Background) to up on layer text (Happy birthday)

Step 4: Right click on background layer (layer 0) -> choose “Create Clipping Mask

– View video for detail steps from here
– Download file pts from here
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zidane 🙂